Project STEM Application Deadline: April 1

*applications are reviewed in order of completion so we encourage all applicants to complete their applications as soon as possible. Early applications will be given higher priority.

Dear high school students, parents and teachers, 

Thank you for your interest in the IU Project STEM Summer 2018 Research Internship Program.   Because of the substantial opportunity this program presents, a good application will require some time to complete. 


All applicants must have completed 2 semesters of chemistry before the program begins and be:

Mature Sophomores – going into Junior year
Juniors – going into Senior year
Seniors* – going into college.

*There are laboratories that require students to be 18 so we encourage Seniors to apply.

In preparation, please:

1.   Have your guidance counselor provide you with a school transcript as you will be required to enter many of your course grades into our application.  Also gather up scores for your SAT, PSAT, ACT and any AP or IB exams that you have taken. Sometimes these scores appear on your school transcript, sometimes not.  Please ask your guidance counselor! (If you have not taken these exams write n/a in those fields as they are 'not available')

2.   Create an email account that you will use for the STEM application and for your future college applications. I personally recommend yahoo or gmail, and I recommend dignified email names like or to be more professional rather than

Students may also need to help parents create a free email account as they will need to complete part 4 - the Parent and Financial Information section of the application.

Summer Research Application.

1. General Information - click here. This application asks your basic information, school, addresses, and interests.

2. Academic Achievement - click here. Be accurate.  You will need to submit your transcript for verification if you are accepted.  You may need to look at your transcript.

3. Teacher Recommendation - click here. 
Be sure to give your teacher's at least 1 week advance notice. It takes time. 
 Other mentors and people in your life may write a recommendation also. Give teachers the website

4. Parent and Financial Information click here. 
IMPORTANT: This should be completed by your parent's or legal guardian/s with whom you live. The Parent should have an email different from the student email in parts 1 and 2 so we can communicate with the parent separately. The financial information is required by our sponsors and determines financial eligibility of students receiving a stipend.

All students must have this form completed, even when not interested in the stipend.  We realize that some parents do not file taxes until after our application deadline of April 1. This should not be an obstacle because most of the information can be determined from W-2 forms or public assistance forms.  Note that before the students can start, all students who are offered stipend money will need to submit copies of the tax return filing they reported to the IRS this year.  Please read the financial guidelines document to determine stipend eligibility – click here

After reading this page if you still have questions please contact our program director, Sharlene Newman, by or by phone: (812) 856-1776